Project: converting a demilled RPG-7 into a shoulder fired black powder cannon.

Don't do this one, no seriously. If you knew what you were doing you wouldn't even need this demonstration.

Question: What can you do with a boring demilled RPG?
Answer:turn it into a musket that shoots fireworks...

The problems with owning an RPG are threefold...

  • Paying thousands for the Launcher, plus a $200 tax stamp
  • Paying thousands for each rocket, plus a $200 tax stamp
  • Investing thousands in a weapon you will never use in your life.

You can get around the $200 tax stamp part by purchasing a "demilled" RPG. A rocket launcher is demilled (de militarized) by welding a steel pin through its bore (to prevent the loading of rockets), and drilling a hole the diameter of the bore through some point in the barrel. After the initial week of impressing you buddies with "a fuckin' RPG" you are still faced with problem three, owning an expensive weapon you will never get to use.

If you own a CNC machine shop, an industrial grade tig welder, and a metal heat treating furnace, you could hypothetically remove the pin, weld the hole, and fabricate a replacement firing pin, but you would still be left with the problem of owning an expensive weapon you will never fire. One way to get around this, is to modify the weapon to fire projectiles other than anti-personnel rockets.

This is a gif of me firing an RPG in my underwear wearing a PT belt for saftey.
Always wear proper safety equipment.

I'm not going to go into much detail explaining how to de-demill an RPG7. The steps are essentially field strip, cut, drill, drill, weld, drill, tap, weld, reassemble.

This image breifly outlines the modifications that must be made to an RPG 7 inorder to convert it to a muzzle loading cannon.
Step 1: chop it to pieces.
this is an RPG that has been cut up, along with a breach plug that must be welded in place.
Step ?: wtf is going on here
This is the RPG after its been welded back togeter.
Step ??: weld it back together.
This is the nipple cap installed where the firing pin used to be.
Close-up of the musket cap nipple
This is how a musket cap fits ovet the cap nipple.
The hammer on the firing assembly fires the cap.
This is the RPG completly reassembled.
Completely finished.
Pyrotechnic rounds in action

I decided not to go into detail discussing pyrotechnic rounds, although inert projectiles are fairly easy to make from pieces of 1.5" wooden dowels, wrapped in 4 layers of duct tape. I've gone as far as 120 grains of 2F black powder with out any problems.